TIP: Use Tweetdeck to solve your password-sharing Twitter problem


Unlike Facebook, where you are allowed to add several users with different levels of access, up until today that was not possible on Twitter. Technically not a feature of Twitter itself but the Twitter-owned social media dashboard Tweetdeck, this is Twitter’s first ever move to address the issue of teams collaborating on a single Twitter account without the need to use third-party app such as Buffer or Hootsuite, or the not so safe practice of sharing passwords.
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Burnley richer than Ajax? Premier League seals record TV deal.


The English Premier League yesterday sealed a record-breaking new TV deal, with Sky and BT Sport agreeing to pay an eye-watering £5.136 billion ($7.83 billion) for live Premier League rights for three seasons, starting in 2016/17. At first glance this might appear to be great news (after all, it is a 70% increase on the current deal), but it also generates a lot of talking points about subjects such as scheduling of games, ticket prices, grassroots football, the England national team and financial fair play (FFP).
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