Manolo Guajardo

Born in Monterrey, Mexico (Regio) now living in beautiful Charlotte; Father of two kids and married to my high school sweetheart; s̶o̶c̶c̶e̶r̶ fútbol fan (Rayados); comic books, sci fi, music, design, art & tacos.

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Team Member Spotlight: Matt Dees, Graphic Designer

A quick learner, constantly pushing himself to create exciting new pieces, Matt Dees is extremely dedicated to his work. With three years under his belt, he is involved with each of his projects from brainstorming to the finished product.
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AC&M Spotlight: Walker Corl, Art Director

Walker has been instrumental in AC&M’s success and just celebrated five years with the company. Read more about his favorite projects here.
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We are looking for models! Want to work with us?

At AC&M Group, we’ve had a chance to create really exciting content for our clients, including photo shoots, commercials and more. Because this type of content is on the rise and resonates well with our client’s audiences, we are always looking for talent to help us bring these projects to life!
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INSIDE AC&M: Top Creative Campaigns of 2014 As Told by Designers

Creatively, 2014 was a phenomenal year for AC&M. We pushed the boundaries of what we were capable of, coming up with new, innovative ways to deliver top-notch work to impress our clients and consumers.
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Liga MX TV spot – Behind the scenes

I feel very proud to present to you the ‘behind the scenes’ of the TV spot we created for our Liga MX spot. This commercial is very special because it was entirely made by our creative team, from the idea to the execution.
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Soccer is in our DNA

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