[Infographic] Social Media Marketing Trends for the 2014 Holiday Seasons


With the 2014 Holiday season almost here, Offerpop (a popular marketing platform that allows brands to create consumer engagement products) has released some interesting research. Below, you will find the full infographic, but here are some key takeaways.
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Color psychology and brands


Color is a part of our daily lives and can influence our mood, how we think, and even what we buy. Brands depend on color to help sell products and evoke certain emotional connections with consumers. The Infographic Journal’s Irma Wallace recently reported on The Business of Colour Psychology as a way businesses can use color psychology to their benefit and increase sales by simply choosing the right hue. In Wallace’s piece, she reported the following data (in an infographic, of course) on how color can be used to catch a consumer’s eye: Apple introduced colorful Macs to the market and in three months ramped up sales from $44 million to $152 million Heinz sold over 10 million bottles of limited edition green ketchup in seven months equalling $23 million in additional sales More than 90% of consumers say they place importance on
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