English Premiere League Controls the Ball in TV Viewership


It’s now a fairly well-known fact that more people are watching soccer in the states than hockey, and some soccer matches even drew more viewers than the NBA Finals! Last week Richard Sandomir wrote in the New York Times about the English Premiere League’s upcoming round of television negotiations. NBC acquired the exclusive rights to broadcast EPL matches for three years beginning in 2013-14 for $250 million, which lead to unexpectedly high viewership ratings. Premiere League matches, usually shown on weekend mornings, are averaging 414,000 viewers so far this season. There are a few different reasons why soccer, particularly EPL is starting to take off, and timing is a definite factor. EPL games are broadcasted on Saturday and Sunday mornings, along with occasional midweek afternoon games. They face little competition in terms of live sports viewership with others leagues like NCAA,
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