TIP: Use Tweetdeck to solve your password-sharing Twitter problem


Unlike Facebook, where you are allowed to add several users with different levels of access, up until today that was not possible on Twitter. Technically not a feature of Twitter itself but the Twitter-owned social media dashboard Tweetdeck, this is Twitter’s first ever move to address the issue of teams collaborating on a single Twitter account without the need to use third-party app such as Buffer or Hootsuite, or the not so safe practice of sharing passwords.
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Top 4 Social Media Trends You Should Watch in 2015

Desk with Social Media and Connection Concept

Attention will shift to digital and mobile devices to become the desired platform to access social media. Thus, it will be critical for businesses to create mobile-optimized platforms and use social media to connect with consumers. Social media platforms will take a new approach when it comes to organic or ‘free’ marketing, as the following trends emerge in 2015.
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